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May 17-20, 2024

  Early Bird


Do you ever feel stuck?    Anxious?     Angry?    Depressed?   Helpless?


Ever think to yourself, “this isn’t how I envisioned my life?"


Ever feel swept away by everything going on around you? 


Would you like to be a better role model for your kids? A more loving partner? 


Ever wonder "what can I do to make the world a better place?" 


Ever found yourself asking, “What is my purpose?”  


Do you ever think “There’s got to be more to life than this”?


Have you ever yearned for a deeper connection with your Soul or the Divine Nature that created you?


Wish you had tools to help navigate the ups and downs of life so you can stay more balanced, less reactive and more in joy, harmony, and loving no matter what's going on in the world?


For three days, we will unplug and explore these questions and more.  


This weekend is designed to put you in touch with your authentic Self, the place inside of you where joy, wisdom, balance, loving, and wholeness reside. 


Learn tools that assist you in finding that place and dropping into it on a more consistent basis.  In a world full of noise that is constantly distracting us and fracturing our consciousness, you will learn how to get back to the wholeness of your true essence.  


As human beings we live on this planet we call home; however, we are infused with a Divine Spirit and purpose and unless we are honoring both, we are living far beneath our potential.  


Learn skills that can expand your consciousness and help you heal previous issues and challenges so that you can create the life you imagine for yourself. 


This weekend will engage you at all levels: body, mind, heart, Spirit.  We are whole beings and our mental and physical health and vitality are a reflection of how well we integrate and nurture these aspects. 


This is a rich weekend overflowing with opportunity. Come prepared to learn by doing.  It is experiential learning at it best.  And, don’t be surprised if you have fun. 

Winterberry Farm’s tranquility and beauty is the ideal place to support yourself in this endeavor. 


Classes are limited to 18 participants so everyone has lots of hands-on, personal attention. 

Skills you will learn…

           Simple meditation


           How to create a morning practice that feeds all aspects of yourself to create more              balance and well being in your life


           Skills successful people through the ages have used to empower themselves to live              uplifted lives


           How to create a map for a future that inspires you 


           Four powerful skills that can elevate all of your relationships


           Tools to connect with your higher Self

This weekend is great for those new to personal empowerment, Spiritual evolution, or raising consciousness but it can also enhance and augment any practices you may already use.  


* These teaching are not based on any one religion and do not seek to change or indoctrinate anyone to any belief system.

 How much...

$595 includes all three days plus superb meals

Meet your Teacher...

Hello, my name is Sabrina Schneppat.


I am passionate about Living Vibrantly!  As a young child I

embraced all things creative… drawing, painting, sculpting,

writing, singing, playing piano and violin, and theatre.  And

although I wanted to be an artist, my parents encouraged

me to get a practical job.  After graduating with a B.A. in

speech communication, I taught as an adjunct professor, worked at a newspaper and then in retail marketing.  


After several years of discontent, I moved to Los Angeles.  While in acting class, my teacher shared some nuggets from Spiritual Psychology and I immediately knew the value for me in my life.  My critical mind had been paralyzing me in all aspects of my life and particularly in my creativity.  So, I enrolled in grad school to learn the principles of Spiritual Psychology and earn a master's degree while I was at it. 


After two years of practicing the skills on myself and coaching classmates, I applied the skills to up level my own life after graduation. I became a real estate investor, jumped into sales and became a top-level producer by the end of my first month.  I also volunteered to coach these skills in the largest women’s maximum security prison in the world where I witnessed the impact these tools had to change the women’s lives.


Wanting to learn more, I went to New York to study the CHRIS © Technique Cellular Harmonizing Reconstructive Integrative System a cutting edge program which teaches the principles of energy work.  Three years later, I went back to my alma mater to complete the Soul-centered leadership program.


Upon graduating, I coached companies throughout the U.S. and abroad in sales process consulting while simultaneously going back to music, one of my first loves, to form a songwriting duo that performed around L.A., at festivals, and house concerts.  My partner and I wrote and recorded two albums acquiring a devoted fan base.


After the release of our second album, my father suffered a stroke and I returned home to help out.  Once I had settled back in Ohio I purchased Winterberry Farm and have spent the past five years restoring this exquisite 1830’s architectural masterpiece.  


From the beginning I had the idea of bringing all of my loves together and making the farm a retreat center to feed the body, mind, and Spirit.  


This past year I added to my training toolbox by going to India to study ancient healing practices at the Sattva Yoga Academy nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. I became certified to teach all aspects of yoga including meditation, asana (poses), pranayama (breath work), kriya (energy work), mantra (rebalancing using sound), and Satsung (wisdom).  These ancient healing practices have brought balance and wellness to people for centuries.  


As a teacher, I it my honor to serve by sharing tools and principles that have brought great value to my life.  I am Blessed to be able to share them with you at my beloved farm.


I look forward to sharing the journey. 


In Gratitude, Sabrina


Steve Chandler -- Author, Speaker, and Master Coach

"Sabrina is someone I would call if I ever needed a life coach.. I had the privilege of working  with her in the advanced Soul-Centered Leadership program and know first hand that her talents for connecting and communicating are extraordinary.  Anyone serious about taking their life to the next level would find Sabrina to be the perfect catalyst." 
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