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Entelechy Coaching
                    Where Possibility Becomes Reality

What is  Entelechy?

1. In the Philosophy of Aristotle - a realization or actuality as opposed to a potentiality.

2. In Vitalist Philosophy - a vital agent or force directing life.

3. In the system of Liebnitz - the Soul, principal, or perfection of an object or person.

"I believe that each of us is born with unlimited potential.  It is our birthright to nurture and awaken it into realization.

This is the goal of Entelechy Coaching -- to help each person feed her/his greatness so she/he can realize her/his highest potential and bring greater good to the world."

I spent 18 years in Los Angeles as a working artist as well as ten as a professional business coach traveling the world coaching every level from C-level down in a variety of industries at companies including SAP, Business Objects, Rockwell, Roquette, Geist, VWR, Veem, and Dickson Data just to name a few.  Before that I worked in sales, marketing, advertising, and as a writer. I also spent some time as a real estate investor and landlord. Most recently, I took up the mantle of entrepreneur founding Winterberry Farm and providing exceptional service as a wedding venue. 

Because of my diverse interests and vast and varied studies and life experiences I have a rich and deep set of skills and tools to share the most significant of which is the skills learned while obtaining my master's degree in Spiritual Psychology along with a post-graduate certificate in Soul-Centered Leadership. These principals have completely changed my life and have proven effective even in such environments as the largest women's maximum security prison in the US where I volunteered as a coach in a program working with women to help them transform their lives.

Transformation has two components: the goal line and the soul line.  


The goal line is the outcome we are striving to achieve which includes action steps along with the tools to get obtain our goal.


The Soul Line is the work to identify and transcend the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from achieving our goals.  


These are not bad things, this is our life's work if we choose to undertake it.  And in my experience  there is nothing more rewarding.

"The tools I have mastered and the work I have done on myself and with hundreds of other individuals struggling to break free have proven effective in identifying limiting beliefs that trigger emotional patterns which lock us into repeating behavioral patterns that prevent us from reaching our highest potential.

Said another way -- our greatest obstacles are the ones we create for ourselves. True leadership starts within.


What is your Spirit calling you to do?


Are you ready to live a richer, more authentic life?"

What is Success?

Taking something from possibility to reality requires vision, planning, diligence, persistence/willingness, and fortitude. But there are so many things that can pull us off track including lack of skills, distractions, and the biggie... buying into limiting beliefs (all the reasons why it's not possible).

Navigating that terrain can be treacherous and tedious but having the right coach who can help guide you makes it easier and so much more fun. 

World-class athletes work with coaches everyday to improve themselves.  Why not you?

Here's what others have said about working with Sabrina...

"Sabrina is someone I would call if I ever needed a life coach.. I had the privilege of working  with her in the advanced Soul-Centered Leadership program and know first hand that her talents for connecting and communicating are extraordinary.  Anyone serious about taking their life to the next level would find Sabrina to be the perfect catalyst."  

      ~ Steve Chandler - Author,                         Speaker, Master Coach

"Sabrina has a remarkable capacity to hold a loving space for anyone who might have the fortune to work with her.  She is gifted in her ability to share her innate wisdom with clarity and simplicity.  With admiration, I have witnessed Sabrina relentlessly search for the truth and courageously live her life according to the principles of unconditional loving, grace, compassion, and faith.  She is the best ally one could ever have in lovingly moving forward in life while manifesting one’s heartfelt wishes.”

      ~ Rita, Attorney

“Sabrina inspires, uplifts, and transforms people in her presence.  Her words are riveting, refreshing, and a conscious contribution.  She is the kind of coach and facilitator who supports her clients in reaching their untapped potential.  She is a gem.”   

      ~ Dr. Sherrie Allen - Relationship            Training Coach

"Sabrina is a supremely gifted, compassionate, and intuitive teacher. Sabrina's gentle guidance has led me to a place where I can move forward in my life."

   ~ Betsy - Author & Master Teacher


What if I'm not ready to commit but I want more information?

Great!  There's no commitment required. In fact, it's my practice to speak with each potential client to answer any questions you might have, find out what your goals and expectations are, and see whether working together feels like a good fit for us both. 

Are you ready to make a change?

Ready to empower yourself?

Ready to free yourself and finally live the life you know you are meant to live?

If you said "YES" to any of these or feel a calling inside, contact me for your free, confidential, consultation to discuss your goals, ask questions, and see if coaching is the nest step for you.

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