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Once Upon a Time...  there was a Royal Wedding!  

Welcome to Your Royal Wedding.  We don't think that Royal Weddings should be available to Kings and Queens only.  Here at Winterberry Farm you are Royal and we want you to start your life together as it should be -- a Dream come true.  

As a Royal, you get to choose everything the way you like it leaving every detail to us so you can enjoy more important things.  We have assembled the very best team to take care of your every need from start to finish so there's nothing for you to worry about. We'll lead you through the process every step of the way, so you will truly remember this as the best experience of your life.  

And because you're Royal, there won't be another wedding like yours.  Every wedding is custom from start to finish, all yours.  Your colors, your style, your flavors, your choices.  Tell us what you want.  The beauty of Winterberry is that it has so many faces -- elegant, sacred, whimsical, serene, rustic, majestic, simple, inviting.  Let the magic of Winterberry transport you to your fairytale.


With 31 acres, you have your choice of indoor, outdoor, or any combination that you choose.  Once you tell us where you want to celebrate the creativity starts.  


     *  Meet with our designers and choose your flowers, your colors, your style along with all the details, tents or no tents, horse   

         drawn carriage...  every detail exactly to represent exactly who you are.

     *  Let our professional entertainment crew create the perfect combination of lights and sounds to showcase who you are and 

         make you shine like the royal couple that you are.  

      *  Sit down with our photographer to schedule your engagement photos at the farm and plan your wedding day photos so                   that you feel comfortable and confidant that every detail is covered.  

      * Savor your tasting with our culinary chefs to ensure that your menu is exactly the perfect combination of flavors

Bed & Breakfast Option (May, June, October)

Every Royal deserves a castle right?  We invite you and your bridal party or family to stay in the castle during your wedding weekend.  We have five huge rooms each with its own private bath in the historic, English manor house that's right next door.  Be pampered in splendor.  Each guest who stays with us receives a breakfast fit for a king.  



If all this isn't enough, we have a number of add-on options to make your weekend even more unforgettable.  


     * Princess Party - this is a truly magical experience for the bride and her attendants to spend relaxed time together creating their          own custom bouquets with the guidance of our amazing floral designer.  What better way to truly make your wedding your              own.  


     * The Overture - a gathering of your select friends and family the night before on our lovely starlit patio, complete with fountain             and fire pit.


      * Morning After - a sumptuous brunch for family and friends to have one last track la before departing.  

Your fairytale awaits...  want to be the Royal you deserve to be on your wedding?

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