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Ten-Year Plan and Beyond...

Next up...

Unplug storm sewers -it's probably been 30 years since these were maintained and they are all plugged resulting in water dumping by the foundations and flooding in the courtyard. ($300 - $500)​

Treat the main barn for Powder Post Beetle - the barn has powder post beetles which have gone untreated for years.  It is essential to stop the damage now.  Through extensive research, I have found a n effective, organic (LOVE that!) solution, Bora-Care.  I will be mixing and applying it with a hand sprayer.  I'll probably need about 20 gallons to treat the entire barn, upstairs and down, and the courtyard buildings. ($292.76 for a case of four --  $1,463.80)

Clean, Sand, Seal New Stairs, Railings, and Main Barn floor now that the main repairs are done in the barn, I see how important it is to preserve the wood.  I will be watching lots of youtube videos to seesaw to sand and seal.  First though, I have to countersink all of the nails in the center section so I can sand without ripping up the sander.  Then I have to sand the entire floor, about 2,000 sq ft.  The staircase will need to be cleaned with and hand sanded.  Next, I have decided to use Waterlox, a product developed at the turn of the century (20th) which is made from tung oil and resin.  It will need to be buffed in.  This process will easily take a week as it needs about four coats.  The stairs will need to be done by hand with a different Waterlox product.  It would cost about $5.50-$7.00 a square foot to have someone else do it, so I will be watching lost of youtube tutorials and spending , I'm guessing about 100 hours between the learning, nails, cleaning, sanding, and sealing. Then there's equipment rental (sander and buffer) and Waterlox products.  I'm estimating about $1,000.

Seal the Roof on the Courtyard buildings -after extensive work by the contractors, we still have leaks in the front corners where the roof blew up (prior to me owning it).  While I'm planning to replace this section soon, I was hoping I could wait a couple of years as there are so many other things that need attention.  I've done some research and decided to apply an elastomeric paint which should take care of the leaks until I can replace that area.   First I'll have to sand the existing roof coating so that the new paint will adhere. Not, I'll have to power wash to remove dust and dirt.  I'll follow up by painting the standing seams with a brush and then roll on the rest.  I'm guessing about three days and just under $200.

Repair and Restore Carriage House
Sand and seal the main barn floor
Bring in stone for stable area
Unplug all drains and storm sewer
Pour Concrete Floor in Machinery Shed
Install door to the North
Replace roof on lean-to
Fix/Add gutters and downspouts to all buildings
Repair and Restore Brooder house
Repair front window on main barn
Design and Construct a Main Gate
Replace wire fence
Architectural Masterplan
Septic System
- soil test, engineer's plan, dig septic, install system, build bathroom facility
Tile area by drive and in front of the barn
Parking Lot
Create a walking path from parking lot to barn
Install lights along the path
Driveway with Exit onto Co Rd 38
Replace mesh in main barn
Upgrade Electric - upgrade to 400 amp service, remove old wiring and upgrade, move power pole, bury lines and remove all overhead lines
Repair chimney in chapel
Install sink in barn
Trim trees
Remove locus trees on hilltop
Plant wildflower meadow in front of barn
Paint garage, carriage house, chapel, brooder, and two chicken coups
Replace concrete pad in front of barn
Fix and reinforce back wall 
Submit the farm for the National Historic Registry
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