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Welcome and Thank you for considering being an Artist at Winterberry Farm

Winterberry Farm is one of those places that brings you back to your heart. I purchased it because I wanted to save this piece of history for future generations.

2019 marks our opening as an event center for hosting weddings and private parties but also public events such as our Garden Celebration, Spirit of Christmas Celebration (an expansion of the European Christmas market), barn concerts, dances, wine tastings.  Beyond that we have a long-term vision to grow each year offering classes with a heart-centered approach -- Living life from the inside out. 


My intention is to bring in soul-centered leaders to teach classes in all forms of art, wellness, gardening, heart-centered business and entrepreneurship, along with events to build individual and community spirit, collaboration, and fellowship.


I am concerned at the events in the world today and though there is much I can’t change, I can do my part to Feed What I Love, to add to the sum of goodness, and support things that bring me joy and groundedness.


For 2019, I am focusing on two Grand Events and a few small ones here at the Farm. With respect to the two Grand Events --the Garden Celebration and Spirit of Christmas, my focus is twofold…


1.    To select only the finest artists and vendors who are passionate about what they do, who believe in themselves, and who love to share that love with others.


2.    To create an exquisite atmosphere where guests feel the love and care that goes into each and every thing.


In this atmosphere, people’s hearts open and when people’s hearts open, they appreciate things more deeply.  I can’t guarantee you sales but I am committed to creating an amazing environment for your work to be appreciated and by extension, hopefully be taken home to be cherished and remind guests of the beautiful moments shared together.  I do appreciate the commitment it takes to be an artist, the hard work, the strength of heart to be true to oneself.  I salute you and value your contribution to our world.


In the Spirit of collaboration and appreciation, I have intentionally chosen to keep booth space fees low.  


For me, quality is always more important than quantity. I’m focused on quality artists and quality patrons.  My goal is to showcase 40-50 artists and vendors.  I don't yet have a feel for what I can expect as far as attendance.  I don't want to be over optimistic but I do feel that 1,000 per day is certainly within the realm of reality and my minimum goal. Of course there are many variables.


Lastly, I am thrilled to announce that Proven Winners, the plant grower, loves our vision here at Winterberry Farm and have committed to working with us.  For our Garden Celebration they have decided to gift each attendee with a gardening book. 


Please take a moment to look over the applications (click on the buttons below) and if you feel something inside prompting you to say “yes,” please take a few moments to fill out the forms and send them to us before you get distracted by other things.


Garden Celebration - Sunday, May 26, 2019 (11 am – 5 pm)


Spirit of Christmas Celebration – TWO Weekends (but you don’t have to do both)


                    Saturday, November 30 (11 am - 10 pm) & Sunday, December 1 (11 am – 5 pm)


                    Saturday, December 7 (11 am – 10 pm) & Sunday, December 8 (11 am – 5 pm)


Throughout December I began teasing our 2019 Christmas Market on the Winterberry Farm facebook page.


And, if you are interested, I just posted a video of our restoration efforts on our youtube channel.  This will give you a taste of Winterberry Farm!


Blessings in 2019!  I hope to see you at the farm!

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