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It's Official!

Dear Friends,

I am deeply Grateful to all who came to the Winterberry Farm Grand Opening, May 26 and have been so supportive on the journey of renewal and restoration. It has had many ups and downs as journeys have.

I am so glad that many of you came and said “hello” so that we could share a moment or meet for the first time. My heart is expanded.

Thank you to my family both in blood and in heart. The volunteers that gave from their hearts were amazing! I am humbled by your generosity of spirit... Tina Marie Miller, Ellen Ewing, Jeff Allen, Nancy Harnischfeger, Carol Reinhart, Ashley and Katey Reinhart, Lisa Foley, Kelli Cooper Dariano, Judy Mesnard, Donna Reiter-Best, Jeanne Fodor, Donna Honsberger, Phyllis Stoneburner, Jackie SanGregory, Louise Pardi, Chris Distel, Betty Ohler, Peg Margraf, Barry Porter and Will Marshall. Thank you! Thank you!

To the artisans who said "yes" and joined us, my heart is full. I understand the challenge of being an artist. I take very seriously the faith and trust that you placed in me to provide an environment where your hearts’ visions could be appreciated and fed. Namaste!

Thank you to Proven Winners for gifting us with free gardening tip books for each visitor to the farm.

Chelsie Hosmer of Charming Finds Boutique, thank you for providing such adorable simple and fun pots to craft and take home.

Special thanks to Seneca Conservation District for your generosity in sharing 100 wildflower plants for us to give guests as part of their farm experience and to remind us how essential it is to take care of our pollinators.

I am blessed beyond words that my sister came all the way from Tucson to work alongside me into the wee small hours of the morning starting again just hours later! I Love you and thank you Gigi!

To my Father, you have always inspired me to make a difference in all that I do. Your Spirit is far bigger than mine; I hope to honor that always!

And my mother, I am so blessed to have had you to nurture me with beauty my entire life. Your vision has always been exquisite and my artist's heart is so Grateful for the soul food that you provide.

Thank you Craig, my partner in so many wonderful journeys. I am grateful you came all the way from California to support me in yet another crazy idea!.

I am at a loss for words that I am so blessed with such loyal and devoted friends. I can’t explain the feeling to look up and see a familiar face from my life in California. Terri Trobridge you gifted me beyond measure with your loving presence for this milestone in my life. Wow! Just wow!

To Wilhelm construction, in particular Jim Ott, Sean Schaffer, and Joe Wilhelm your craftsmanship and big hearts are appreciated more than I can ever say.

Tim Grimes and Marty Distel thanks for the beautiful new dress you so meticulously crafted on this Grand Old Dame of a barn.

And finally, to one of my most precious friends, Joe Bryner, your generosity of Spirit makes me weep with Gratitude. You are one of the Best people I know Joe! I am honored to have you in my life as my friend!

As with any experience, there were many learnings and I hope that I can capture those to further improve future events.

In retrospect, I wish I had had a guest registry to record who was there and your thoughts.

I would be honored if those who attended and feel so moved would post your thoughts either on my website (www.Winterberry.Farm) or facebook page (www.facebook.comthewinterberryfarm). I invite you to share your experience with others so that the vision and your participation can grow. I have many, many enjoyable things planned moving forward and the hope is that each visitor to the farm leave feeling more peaceful, joyful, and somehow more enriched.

Bless you all until we meet again!!

In Loving Service,

Sabrina Schneppat

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